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Some people.... (more for documentation purposes)
 I have this friend named Carter. Had. We were best friends at some point even though I knew he could be a bit mean sometimes  and he had/has a tendency to hit the bong quite often. To the pint of being pathetic.
One day Carter went to a party and went to get some booze from a nearby friend's house. He was a bit drunk and his friends were higher than a kite. A nearby car was hotboxing (a bunch of people were in it smoking pot with all the windows closed). On the way back from that friend's house, booze in hand, they found out that the cops had been called on the car and ended up getting a curfew ticket while the other guys got off scott free.
And I found out about this because I have friends who were at the party.
It's where my trouble started.
He was pissed I knew, then pissed I didn't believe him when he said that they didn't have booze or weed (honestly...why else would they leave the party? I know him better. Knew). He said we didn't need to talk anymore if I wasn't going to believe him so I told him the only time we didn't need to talk anymore was when he decided our friendship wasn't worth it. He then assumed I was crying and told me to stop (not in a nice 'I'm-worried-about-you' way either). I wasn't even tearing up. That's how much we've drifted from being glued at the hip.
Then he started saying I don't care about him since I haven't talked to him this summer much. Well, I haven't talked to a lot of people first of all. I'm kinda preoccupied with being a lazy teenager and having a boyfriend/job.
I told him this plus other stuff I've been doing (like camping for a month) and then told him I couldn't trust him because he would always smoke pot and lie to me about it even though I have ten people saying they smoked a bowl with him and that he couldn't keep secrets and that other people were always telling me he didn't treat me right. He started blaming me but I cut him off and rambled about how he's always harping on me and blaming me and ignoring his mistakes.
After a few hateful words he apologized.
"So you think...that you can bash me..apologize...and expect it to be alright without some work on your part? Don't work with a computer and certainly not with me. My advice? Fix it."
What I said in response.
Then he said he was kidding he only apologizes when it's important. I'm guessing it was supposed to hurt me but all it did was irritate me. He was pretty much proving all those people right. So I kinda let my temper go after that.
"You're the biggest ass ever. Along with having the biggest ass. I hope you have a terrible senior year. It'd hardly be anything compared to what I went through to try to stay friends with your fat, sorry, pot-smoking, lying sack-of-shit ass. Karma. It's a bitch. But you deserve it."
----"Haha alright you stupid class failing date every Guy for a week whore. Have a great senior year. And then your next senior year too."
"That and I'm pretty sure your dumb ass can't do anything right academically. I own your pretentious ass there. Oh sorry are my words too big? Let me dumb it down: fuck you"

----"Just wanna let you know I'm not bothered by this :3" and "Umm wat I no understand wat u sed. Derrr. Wtf I'm not 4. Get a comback you stanky bitch."
"Good because I don't need you crying on my conscience.  I'm going to make myself a friend egg and go to bed dreaming of kel and then go to the fair tomorrow. BTW you aren't fooling me. Get some grammar lessons, a shower, some deodorant, and some acting lessons."
----"You actually think I'm dumb as a rock. I guarantee  am smarter than you in the things that actually matter. But you go and try to figure out how the stove works you dumb bitch. Try and cook an egg(btw they come from chickens) and go to sleep..Just remember, you're a dumb bitch that has 3 friends and also fuck you lol I hope you die"
"Dumbass. My father owned a restaurant. I know my way around a stove. You on the other hand couldn't find your own ass with both hands and a map"
----"Found it you dumb bitch!"
"Not hard considering it's so huge but you surpassed my expectations. Going to put it on your list of achievements on your application to college? If you make it that far?
Of course we all know that's not happening since the pot has liquified your already small brain."
----"But quick and painless because long and painful is too mean :) haha goodnight donkey-face"
"Remember that one time? When you asked me out and unbiasedly called me beautiful? Cause I do. :)"
----"Haha you're stuck on pot. I find that funny since your also stuck on being a bitch! Nel everything you say makes me laugh hahaha Idc what you think about me because I may have liked you before but now I think your actually truthfully ugly. Yeah you have a damn fine sexy body but a butterface"
"And you know I don't. You aren't going to make me cry. All you're doing is making me sigh at your attempts. You aren't my friend. Your words don't hurt me. Any more than a...scratch that. A stranger's  would hurt more because they have a clean slate. I don't even like you as a person at this point."
----"Your attempts to make me feel bad are the same. But hey I have friends now that I care about more than I ever cared about you."

""Truth. Since you obviously never cared for me at all. So are we done? Finally?"
----"Yes we are done goodnight"
----"Merry Christmas"

Wow that was long. But it's how it went word-for-word. We aren't friends anymore. This school year is going to be awkward.....

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