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It HAS been a while, hasn't it? Almost a year! 

I forgot I had one of these thingies!
Whelp, update time~
School sucks but pfft as if that's anything new. I adore my teachers but I think I'll be leaving community college for a four year this fall [easier for me to concentrate].
I'm still with Kelly; celebrated our two year not too long ago.
Alisha is my BAMF of a wife. Fuckin adore her. I'm far closer with everyone in my family than I've ever been.
Also, my life has changed so incredibly drastically by the introduction of three shows to my life; Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who.
All of these shows stomp on your feelings and give you creys and you thank them for it because they have beautiful people and homoerotic subtext [well, Sherlock and Supernatural do].
Benedict Cumberbatch [I am a Cumberbitch] [holy fuck those cheekbones]
Jensen Ackles [rocks a mohawk in Ten Inch Hero but fuck me if he doesn't have the face of a goddamned angel] [those lips]
Jared Padalecki [I don't know how a 6'7" man manages to be adorable but he does. I love the moose] [those eyes]
AND MISHA FUCKING COLLINS EVERYONE. [DEVOUT Misha minion][that everything][WBB Church still convinced he's the antichrist, which I would totally be fine with][btw would probably have sex with him if granted the opportunity. Kelly knows this]. 
And on top of all this, the fandom surrounding it is amazing. Everyone can brag about their shows and their people but I've never seen such a phenomenon as in the Supernatural community. We've started charities, raised money, build houses, saved each other's lives, and interact with the stars in a way no other show can. All because we know that family don't end with blood. 
Also, I'm making my way down to Supernatural Con Chicago in October which is super exciting. I'll get to sing karaoke with Richard Speight Jr [Gabriel the Archangel] and Matt Cohen [Young John Winchester] and meet the entire cast. Even get a photo op with Misha [I have plans for this involving pink mustaches and knowing him he'll probably agree].
I'm only disappointed that Sebastian Roche won't be there to woo us all in Italian. [he played Balthazar...and is my icon lmao]. 
In joining the SPN community in December or so, I've gotten a tumblr [angel-with-a-TARDIS] and it's mildly popular. I don't post as much original content as I should but whelp, that's life. 
Also, I totally ship Dean/Castiel [Dean is Jensen and Cas is Misha] because Cas raised Dean from Hell, then rebelled against Heaven for him. Also eyesex. Glorious eyesex. And then death. And amnesia. And creys. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Also since doing this, I've learned ASL and I'm actually enjoying speaking with my hands (what little I can do). I'm jobless right now but I plan to fix that. Everything will work out, I'm sure.
Besides, if worst comes to worst I got tons of pricey shit I have no use for just lying around. 
Life's been....well, amazing. It's never been more stable or more enjoyable. I don't go out very much (no money) but I have a blast every time I do, none of my friends are heedless assholes and I know the ones I have now genuinely care for me instead of just tolerating me or lashing out at me wantonly. I got tipsy as hell at Anime Detour and had a blast trying to play DDR and (unsuccessfully) trying to keep my Yoko wig from falling off. To break everything down in list form....
-My mom is still nutters [but adorable]
-Sister is still in Japan
-Dating Kelly
-Room has no business being this messy
-I am breathing
-I still play with my boobs for no apparent reason
-My ability to can
-Doctor Who
-Misha FUCKING Collins
-My entire room is gorgeous
-My hair is red as fuck
-I get along with everyone ever [except the SPN wife haters. Go fuck yourself if you don't like Genevieve, Vicki, or Daneel]
-I am now an aunt [kind of. Family friend. She's not much older than me but gave birth outta wedlock three days ago]
-There is only dust where my heart once was. It was fine before Season 6 of Supernatural or Season 2 of Sherlock.
-I hate everythingI love everything
-Pottermore is a thing
-Getting fans is apparently a things that happens when you internet successfully
-Lost Con virginity
-Wouldn't mind participating in a threesome
-It's under serious discussion fer realz
-I have no idea where I'm going in life, but I honestly want to be involved in tv shows. Behind camera, of course. Script supervisor or something obscure. 
-Yeah I think I'm running out of things to add
-Oh wait
-My cat died and to replace him we found a gorgeous stray [her name is Charlie] and bought a miniature named Millie. Tucker loves them and all the animals get along
-My boyfriend buys me food on a regular basis. He's learned how to earn my love.
                [PS it's with Chef Boyardee]