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Yu-Gi-Oh, anyone?
 So Kel and I played Yu-Gi-Oh the other day. I got my ass handed to me but oh well
I was going through my cards this morning and found I have one 1st edition Blue eyes and one 1st edition Dark Magician. Yes, I checked, they're authentic in every way. As excited as this made me, I got on the internet and found out that really, I wouldn't get more than 30 bucks for them. Even if they are "Ultra Rare". Maybe in another 30 years.
In the meantime, I'm wrestling with my addiction to Jimmy John's. Seriously. wth. It's annoying having these giant cravings. I can get a loaf of day old bread for 75 cents and they use Hellman's mayo. I can get lettuce. And provolone cheese. BUT WHERE THE HECK AM I GOING TO GET ME THE ROAST BEEF THEY HAVE.
It would be cheaper to just get the jar of mayo, packet of cheese, lettuce, bread, and meat, than to actually satisfy said cravings with a fresh JJ every time I crave. The fact that I'm contemplating it this way just means I need help.
I really have nothing interesting to say today other than that haha.

Peace out? 



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