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Our Five Month and His 17th
So today was Kel's birthday. And our 5 month (I can't believe it's been this long already :) )
He even took work off today so we could go to the State Fair to celebrate and see one of his best friends perform. But he ended up getting sick. :(
It's so saddd.
We had ribs and cake and watched Star Wars episode 1. Or the most of it. It was pretty good, considering I've never seen it before.
His family is so awkwardly kind it's cute. It's no wonder I feel like I'm intruding sometimes. :3
On the plus side, for reasons I will not disclose, Tina's friend Alycia is sleeping over for a week! I'M GOING TO KIDNAP HER IN HER SLEEP AND MAKE HER SLEEP IN MY ROOM. SHE'S MY OTHER BLACK SISTER. [hey Summer]
My dad won a coupon booklet for the State Fair and five free tickets so we might end up going on Tues or Fri but I hear there's supposed to be some bad weather on Tuesday. Plus I don't know about Kel's work schedule [I know....I'm terrible for not knowing haha]

So all in all this is a relatively short and non-ranty entry (What a change of pace, eh?)

Peace out, guys :]



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