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Sibling Rivalries
Okay, is it just me or are sisters a pain in the arse? 
I must be worse than I thought to my little sister Ali...cause Kelly just called me a bitch (not out of spite) and he usually withholds his opinions.
But honestly. She "whatever"s all my thank-you's and she's just very rude and snappish in general. I'll be talking to someone and she jumps in and tries to rip me apart whether she was part of the original conversation or not. I want to smack her with a fish sometimes. 

Anyways, yesterday was an amazing day. :) Me and Kelly just hung out at his house and talked. He played guitar and I read the "Heat Wave" book he got me. It's a little difficult to get through because the tone is so informative and stiff so it's hard to divulge any personality from it. But the characters are (unrealistically) witty and its very cliche. :P Just how I'd expect a book written By "Richard Castle" to be. But honestly. There's a tabloid writer named Jameson Rook. Really. I wonder who that could be based off of. 
He started making out with my leg at one point and suddenly took on a French accent. 

*glares at me* "Excusez-moi, madame. A little privacy?" *continues making out*
      "If you love it so much why don't you marry it?"
"Ah! Good idea! Will you marry me? Yes? Fantastic, we are wed!"
      "You aren't married to it!"
"Yes I am!"
      "You don't speak leg!" 

Anyways, point being it was an awesome day :)
Then we went to his Opa's house and celebrated his 73rd birthday. His family is so low key compared to mine. No throwing insults or anything, just chillaxin and eating cake. They're very nice though. :)  [AND HIS OPA IS ADORABLE. I LOVE OLD PEOPLE OMG. He even gave me a hug! x3]


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